Stopover is travel professionals┬┤ software tool which allows to control your sales and marketing activities locally and sell globally.

StopOver is a digital sales configuration and service concept for international travel trade. From StopOver customers can buy attractive travel services when having a stop-over (from some hours up to three days) at the airport due to changing of the airplanes. StopOver is also suitable for hotels that want to have extra profit by selling destination┬┤s activities and events to their visitors as part of the concierge service.

StopOver offers customers a globally consistent way to buy travel services at the airports, hotels and mobile. At the same time the services can be managed locally. For the first time this concept brings together airline passengers, airport operators, airlines, hotels and other travel service providers, and helps all parties to communicate directly with each other without intermediates. Additionally, both airlines and airport operators can gain auxiliary revenues and be more desirable partners.

StopOver services include accommodation, restaurants, excursions, activities, events and transportation services. Services are provided by a network of independent travel trade companies. For these companies StopOver offers a distribution channel along with a digital inventory system which enables the companies to manage sales and have direct links to international sales channels.

StopOver is easy to use and does not need a downloadable application. The StopOver concept consists of a service process, a travel service network and a digital service platform. will be launched 18.1.2018

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